Belgian Shenanigans

Setting off from London on the Monday morning was possibly the most stressful experience ever in my life as I have never driven in conditions quite like it! Never the less I was super excited as it was finally time to travel to Belgium for the first World Cup of the year!

Driving off the ferry – still feeling wobbly from the crossing – the weather wasn’t much better then England which because focusing on driving on the right side of the road was not hard enough! Oh and not to mention the fact it was now dark by this point.

In the end I made it to the hotel without any troubles. Got everything unpacked and had Diner and spent the rest of the evening relaxing until what I assume was delayed sea sickness caught up with me. Made me slightly nervous as wasn’t sure if I was coming down with something. Woke up feeling fine the next day so everything was back on track!

It was a couple of days between arriving in Belgium and my first race so to pass the time took the bike out with some of the other GB riders for easy spins/course recons.


TT day has arrived. My race was in the afternoon so it allowed me to have a relaxed morning and also watch the other racing that was going on. Weather had also improved a lot since we had arrived which was nice as the course is really exposed. I was really looking forward to the TT as it would be my first proper ride on the new bike and first race on a TT specific bike so I was looking forward to see how I got on.IMG_0444.JPG

I was really happy with how I performed in the race as it’s not really an event that suits me as I’m a small rider but I was just over 2 minutes off the podium which has put me in a good mindset for the next races.IMG_0449.JPG


Next up was the road race which was the race I was looking forward to the most as I knew I was capable of getting a good result in as the style of racing suited me a lot better than that of the TT. IMG_0463

The race started with a short straight before turning left through the technical section. I knew that I had to be in the first few riders going into the first corner other wise it would have been the race over, which I was able to do. Thought the race the pacing was fluctuating massively as sometimes it would slow as nobody was prepared to go on the front.


Throughout the race there were numerous amounts of attempts to get off the front but nothing succeeded. IMG_0464

Coming round to start the last lap it was clear that it was going to be a sprint and again nobody was willing to do work now so they could save there energy for the last part. Coming round the last corner before the home straight I was right on Bosmans wheel which is where I wanted to be and was waiting for the right moment to go but again there was lots of movement in position in which I lost the wheel of Bosmans. IMG_0461.JPG

I was now 2nd on the road waiting for the sprint to start. I then see a rider attack and at this point you have do react as you don’t have a choice but it was a lot further out than I would have liked and as a result I didn’t quite have the legs to hold it in the final part of the sprint resulting in me finishing 8th.IMG_0468.JPG

I was really happy with how I rode this race and was stoked to get a top 10 in a World Cup and especially after a solid month of training in the run up to this event not knowing whether I would feel the effects of the hard training block. Excited for the next one as it is the one that Coach has me targeting so I will be peaking going into it rather than big block of training.

Thanks again to all the British Cycling Staff who helped me out over the weekend and again to Pinky who has helped me get to this level of racing!


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